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Rico RF806 Rechargeable Table Fan (Red).

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  • Works even when power fails
  • Works on AC Power as well as DC battery
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Product Warranty:- 6 Months
  • Works up-to 2 hrs on low speed on battery
  • Excellent air throw
The Fan has an AC/DC mode for selection. It also has a strong brush-less DC motor for a longer life. The Rechargeable Fan comes with a built in 6V, 4500 mAh Lead -Acid maintenance free rechargeable battery. The battery has a 300 charge/discharge life cycle. You have to charge the battery once a month, even if not in use. Now, in case of a power cut you can still relax and enjoy the cool air, thanks to the Rico Rechargeable Fan. OSCILLATION & MULTI-ANGLE TILTING This Rico Rechargeable fan has an oscillation function too. With the help of the oscillation knob that you see in the image, cool air is circulated throughout your room. It also has a multi-angle tilting function, to help you set the angle as per your need. PORTABLE & CAN BE USED AS AN OUTDOOR FAN - The fan is portable and very easy to carry and it can also be used as an outdoor fan which runs on battery for a limited time. Thus, the fan does everything that a modern home looks for, when the electricity goes off. Overcharge & Discharge Protection & Charging Indicator - This Rico Rechargeable Fan has an overcharge & deep discharge protection feature too, so it saves the battery from getting overcharged & deeply discharged, thereby increasing the life of the battery. It also has a charging indicator which glows red while charging and once it is fully charged, the LED light turns green.

At the time of power cuts, you can experience cool breeze of air with the help of Rico Rechargeable Fan. This fan caters to your basic requirement of a table fan, but goes a step further and also provides you with back up when the power goes off. When you have electricity, the excellent air throw of the fan is enough to reach all corners of a home. It has an oscillation function that allows even circulation of air in the room. It also has a multi-angle tilting function so you can set the angle as per your need.


It has a unique multi-angle tilting function which allows us to set the angle as per the comfort and requirement.

This Rico Rechargeable fan has oscillation function with the knob. The oscillating fan provides better cooling because it rotates, thereby allowing better airflow around the room.

Rico Rechargeable fan also has to charge indicator which glows red while charging and once it full charged LED converts into green light.

The Rico rechargeable fan comes with a built-in power cable and plug to give the power supply and can be placed inside while it is being used for outdoors or on battery.


The fan is portable and very easy to carry. It can also be used in outdoors as it works on battery too.

It has a powerful energy efficient brush-less DC motor with a longer life to deliver stronger and broader air flow.

On battery, the low-speed fan will work for 4 hours and high-speed fan will work for 2 hours.

This fan has 2-speed setting with:

1350 Rpm At High Speed
1050 Rpm At Low Speed


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Rico RF806 Rechargeable Table Fan (Red).

Rico RF806 Rechargeable Table Fan (Red).

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