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Rico LED Tube(Soft White) - 18 Watts 4 Feet model LT1521

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  • Under cabinet, ceiling fixture or kitchen lighting
  • Shop lighting for garage, warehouse, or work-space
  • Refrigerators, displays and storefronts
  • School buildings, classrooms and hallways
  • Package Includes: Clips, 2 screws for self and easy mounting
  • Unbreakable
Product Description

The Rico LED Tube Lights are engineered and constructed with high regard for quality, safety and endurance. This light has lower energy consumption and tested by SMD. This LED Tube light is easy to mount and has a sleek design. It does not require extra choke of fitting while installing.


The Rico LED tube light has uniform glare-free light with no LED spots visible.

The batten has been designed with a slim and sleek construction. It ensures that the batten takes up less space and gives more light.

This LED tube light doesn’t require extra choke or fitting while installation.


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Rico LED Tube(Soft White) - 18 Watts 4 Feet model LT1521

Rico LED Tube(Soft White) - 18 Watts 4 Feet model LT1521

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