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Rico EL906 Rechargeable Emergency Light (Red)

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  • Maintenance-free battery
  • 110 Bright LED
  • SMD type LED-based light
  • Product Warranty:- 6 months
  • Overcharge protection
  • 360 degree light

Colour:- Red
Voltage :- 110-240 V, 50 Hz
Battery Capacity:- 6Volts,4.5 AH Lead-acid
Operating Time - Continuous Light:-6 hours
Charging Time:- 20-24 hours
Warranty:- 2 Years Warranty

From the manufacturer

Rico rechargeable emergency light can be used as a lantern which has a very bright light output and can be recharged as often as required. This lantern glows with the light of 24 bright white LEDs. This lantern is a rechargeable one and it has a built-in rechargeable battery.

Its 24 LED lights are enclosed in a transparent case which ensures the LEDs are safe from damage. The lantern has a single black button that enables you to turn ON/OFF the lantern.

Rico EL 906 Emergency light is rechargeable light. It comes with a built-in 6V, 4500 mAh Lead -Acid maintenance-free rechargeable battery. The life of the battery is 300 charges/discharge cycle. You have to at least charge once a month if you are not using it.

This Rico Emergency light can be hang and used as lantern for 360 degree lighting. it has LED strip consist of 24 LEDs which gives very bright light output.

This Rico Emergency light is long-lasting and lasts up to 15 Hrs on a single full charge battery. Charging time is 8-12 hrs. So you can use it at least for a week on a single charge if you are using it 2 Hrs a day.

This Rico Emergency light has overcharge & deep discharge protection so it saves the battery from getting overcharged & deep discharge which increases the life of the battery. Also protects from battery failure.

This Rico Emergency Light has charging indicator which glow red while charging and once it full charged it changes from red to green which is indication of full charge.

This Rico Emergency light is portable and can be carried with you whenever you wish to. It has one push button to select ON/OFF the light.


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Rico EL906 Rechargeable Emergency Light (Red)

Rico EL906 Rechargeable Emergency Light (Red)

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