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Rico AI08 1000 watts Light weight Dry Iron (White)

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  • Premium Quality - Premium high class portable electric light weight Iron press for clothes.
  • Easy gliding across different garments, smoothing hard-to-reach areas with 1000-Watts of Power
  • Product Warranty:- 2 years
  • Japanese ”Instant Quick Heat " Technology 0 deg.c to 250 deg.c in 1 Minute.
  • Easily Irons Tough Jeans and Hard Linen Fabrics instantly. Double protection and easy to control thermostat knob and fuse over heat protection.
  • Shock proof, Easy Temperature Setting - Temperature control dial allows perfect Ironing over all fabrics.
  • Indicator Light & Double ISI with thermal cut-out for operational safety.
  • Triple Non-Stick Coating is three times longer & stronger. The Non-Stick coating enables fast & smooth ironing.
  • Warranty - 2 Year Free Product Replacement Warranty.

Product Description:

Rico Iron easy to use makes ironing a task that you can always look forward to without any hesitation. Featuring sleek design and thermostatic control, this iron can be used for different kinds of clothes and fabrics. The sturdy base of this iron gives you a smooth and easy movement over the fabric. NON STICK COATED ALUMINIUM ALLOY This Light Dry Iron sports a PTFE non-stick coated aluminum alloy sole plate which not only glides smoothly on the clothes to remove wrinkles but also does not cause additional stress to your wrists. This non-stick coating ensures that the fabric doesn’t stick and get torn due to excessive heat. Hence, this dry iron runs smoothly on the fabric and checks accidental burns. Its cover and smooth body gives it a classy, attractive look. Its unique design makes the task of ironing multiple clothing items simple and fast. ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL It also features multiple temperature levels for a variety of fabrics like silk, rayon, nylon, cotton and other materials. You can regulate the temperature depending on the fabric being ironed. it has a light Body for faster Ironing The Rico iron is a lightweight ironing device. This is an advantage as its heavy body flattens out even the most creased outfits. SAFETY THERMAL FUSE AND AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF Excessively high temperature can ruin electrical components. In the event of thermal overloading, the thermal fuse breaks the circuit and protects it from any electrical damage. The purpose is to reduce power risk, electric shock and injuries caused due to overheating. The automatic shut off feature shuts off the iron once the set temperature is reached.



The sole plate plays the most crucial roles in our irons. Non-stick sole plates are simple to use as the surface glides effortlessly over different fabrics. It helps to prevent any pulls or wrinkles while ironing. This sole plate is very easy to clean.


The Rico AI-08 Dry Iron comes with power on indicator. The light gets turned off as the thermostat cuts off when reached to the optimum temperature. It saves excess electricity usage, avoids overheating and fabric damage.


The dry iron features a temperature adjustment dial. Adjust the dial to suit the different temperature levels required for ironing different fabric.


Your hectic job of ironing clothes becomes easygoing with the lightweight structure as it is fully compatible and comfortable to carry. The cool touch body ensures a safe, comfortable and hassle-free use every time.


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Rico AI08 1000 watts Light weight Dry Iron (White)

Rico AI08 1000 watts Light weight Dry Iron (White)

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